Wipeout the Musical 2013


Wipeout: A  Musical

by Hana Lee, Staff Writer

Watch the video for the first night here: http://youtu.be/m3Yy1diKk8I

Watch the second night’s performance here:  http://youtu.be/usVCtxPOLpY

The Drama Club recently produced their play Wipeout on June 12th and 13th. This script was written by Mr. Burgner, and the cast did a wonderful job in acting it out.

Wipeout is about a normal Wisconsin girl that is forced to move to California. She leaves all her friends behind to feel the summer sun, but an issue is arising in California. The Surf Shack will be closing along with the beach! The Richardsons will be owning it soon, so everyone is planning a protest. Bridget, the daughter of the Richardsons, is showing Emma around, when she meets Cruz. They are instantly in love, and Bridget is getting mad. She likes Duke, Duke likes Emma, but Emma thinks he likes Bridget. A love triangle has formed, but Duke has to hang out with Bridget t convince her dad not to close the beach. The surf competition is coming, and the RIchardsons don’t want Duke to win. He is teaching Emma how to surf and they are getting a little bit closer. Bridget is running out of time to find a way from Duke to winning the surf competition to own the beach. Of course, the Richardsons find a way and they found out Duke was a surfer in Zac Effron’s movie, which makes a professional, not an ameteur, and this competion is for ametuers only. Duke convinces Emma to enter in replace of him, and she wins! She receives a check of $10,000 and donates it to the Surf Shack. She has made new friends and has become a victor of her own.

The cast:


Anthony G.

Lorraine M.

The Richardson Family-

Rich R.- Matthew P./Aaron M.

Phoebe R.- Aimee S.

Bridget R.-Aliyana D.

Richie R.-Christian N.

The Jones Family-

Bob J.- Daniel M.

Sally J.- Elise W.l/Lauren K.

Emma J.- Zoe J./Skyler B.

Chip J.- Rafael S.

Beach Shack Surfers

The Big Kahuna- Jacob S.

Soul Sister- Karen B.

Beach Kids-

Duke- Cruz P./Cameron W.

Skipper- Saffron M.

Shaggy- Cameron W./Cruz P.

Goober- Tony Z.

Milo- Aaron M.

Summer- Jessica N.

Kai- Daylon C.

Beach Kids and Locals-

Wendy- Natalie S.

Windy- Jessica S.

Amber- Aimee S.

Drake- Christian J.

Crystal- Skyler B.

Krystal- Zoe J.

Sonni- Kennedy G.

Moondoggie- Jack S.

Tammy- Melissa D.

Kelsey- Kayla N.

Wealthy Resort Crowd-

Kiki- Shaday Miller-W.

Chelsie- Sarah C.

Madison- Kenadi K.

Bethany- Maritza H.

Courtney- Jennifer C.

Noah- Drake K.

Cole- Gregory G.

Brittney- Dana K.

Jack- Justin V.

Sydney- Francesca S.

Tiffany- Katherine V.

Betty- Elise W.

Paul- Kevin O.

Skip- Brandon W.

Wisconsin Pals-

Staci- Emily H.

Maribeth- Katherine H.

Monica- Christina G.

Christi- Christi S.

Cara- Melina H.


Jasmine Story- Rita N.

Brenda Beat- Autumn B.


Sunni Tropic- Yadira L.

Kelly Kahuna- Alexis C.

Sandy Beaches- Viki A.

Barbie Malibu- Citalli B.


Karen B.

Jacob S.

Skyler B.

Zoe J.

Rafael S.

Our Amazing Crew-

Artists, Sets, and Crew:

Kathleen N.

Darius C.

Alyse P.

Hayley M.

Shayla E.

Phoebe B.

Hair, Make-Up, and Costumes:

Sariah M.

Marissa R.

Peyton D.


Staci G.

Elaine R.

Val S.

Many thanks to the Service Club that helped with the snacks, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Spellman, Mrs. Bailey that helped with the filming, the teachers that helped supervise the “Green Room” and the teachers that helped with the auditions, Mr. Sheck and Mr. Roulette for helping with the set the parents that helped with the props, and all the choreographers that helped with the dances, along with the singing coaches, Val Steele and her husband Geoff. The cast did a wonderful job with the play, and it was very entertaining. Thank you to the Drama Club for this amazing production!





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