The 2013 Journalism Staff

The Journalism Staff

By: Mrs. Peterson, Newspaper/Yearbook Advisor

The 7th grade Journalism staff  worked especially hard this year to give you a record of this school year, in story form, as the blog site, and in picture form, as the Magruder 2013 yearbook. The staff this year has put forth a lot of effort, and they’ve demonstrated their writing ability, showing off their writing skills in both news and creative writing stories. Their fiction stories were well crafted and entertaining.  Students wrote four stories a month, about one story a week, but not all were published. So, for every story published, three others were not. This amounted to A LOT of writing!  Students also took lots of pictures – we have collected and saved over 10,000 photos!

I appreciate the dedication of the Journalism staff, their enthusiasm and school spirit, attending the many special events after school, and writing when they didn’t feel like it.  Writing is difficult, but rewarding.  If you liked the blog-site and yearbook you should let them know.  Here are your Journalism Staff members:

Megan B., Tony C., Cody D., Alejandra G., Melody G., Phoebe K., Hana L., Alexander M., Nicholas M., Aaron M., Sara M., Jenny P., Catherine P., Alena R., Caitlyn S., Jessica S., Jazmin S., Jade T., Katherine V.


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