Fifth Grade Orientation

 5th Grade Orientation

by: Catherine Phu & Jade Tao, staff writers


Who will become a Mustang this incoming fall? On June 6, 2013, the Mustangs at Magruder got to find out at Magruder’s orientation who the incoming sixth graders will be. The orientation started towards the end of snack and the beginning of third period. The W.E.B students walked towards the fifth graders that entered the school , and welcomed the fifth graders that will be joining Magruder Middle School this fall. When all the fifth graders were at Magruder, they gathered at the Cafeteria, where Mr.Sheck , Mrs. Barker, Mr. Roulette, Mrs. Mann, and Mrs.Jaeger introduced themselves.The choir sang songs to them before their tour around the campus.  The 5th graders were ecstatic and anxious about the campus and they took a tour of the school led by the W.E.B. students. The soon-to-become Mustangs, toured around the Office, Cafeteria, Locker bay, 6th grade classrooms, the P.E area, and the Quad.

At  both the front and back gate, the W.E.B students warmly greeted the fifth graders from Carr, Edison, and Yukon Elementary. From there, the W.E.B students guided both the fifth graders and the teachers. There Mr.Sheck talked about what he expects from the incoming sixth graders and discussed some of the challenges the fifth graders will have to face this upcoming fall. The Magruder students eagerly waited for the incoming Magruder students. We wait for your arrival in the fall.





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