Vine App Review


   By: Nick Maculam Photo editor


Let’s give a warm welcome to Twitter’s newest and perhaps boldest launch of a service since their inception as a mobile-friendly service – Vine. Vine was founded by  Dom Hofmann in june 2012 and the company was then owned by twitter in October 2012. Later on, Vine debut on January 2013 as a free iphone and ipod application

With Vine, users can create six-second videos that you compose instantly of a single shot or a series of shots by pressing your screen. You can post the results to Twitter and Facebook, as well as on Vine’s own server. Your connected cyber pals can then view these videos instantly.

The videos that you make with this app are simple. You do not have to wait around to watch something that doesn’t catch your attention – Vine’s videos are the attention grabber. Since they’re only six seconds they’re the perfect length.

Since Vine is such a relatively new app there are multiple flaws that will hopefully be tweaked with each update. For one thing, you cannot tag other users or your friends. As all of us social media users know, tagging is important. Another significant aspect that this app is missing is the abilities to make the camera face you. If you want to film yourself, you’ll have to hand off your phone to someone else or completely turn your phone around; it’s kind of like having an iPhone 3 all over again. Vine, as of now is an iOS-only app. It’s also restricted to the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, but it’s optimized for the smaller displays without a doubt.

If Instagram and Twitter are some of your favorite social networks then Vine is the app for you. Its basically like both of them combined in one but you can post six second video. It doesn’t even take up a lot of your time.  That’s what makes it awesome.

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