The Lakewood City Adventure

The Lakewood City Adventure

By: Aymen Kabir, Staff Writer

            Once upon a time there was a boy named Bob and his sister named Christine. Every year their dad gave them directions never to go to the woods on a Halloween night. They have been anxious for many years to go to those woods but didn’t want to get caught.

                But then the day came, the very day of Halloween and the day of Bob’s birthday. 

                Since Bob turned 13 he decided to be a man and told his sister, “Christine today is the day we finally get our dreams and go to the woods”.  Christine looked worried and confused. “Are you sure about this Bob because dad might get really mad.” said Christine. Then Bob looked at her and said “Fine then if you don’t want to, I will.” After that Bob went upstairs and started packing for the night.

                At 8p.m. Christine and Bob’s dad called them so that they can get ready to trick-or-treat. Instead of getting his bag ready for candy he stuffed it with the supplies to go to the woods. As soon as they left the house Christine and Bob went their separate ways. Christine went to go trick-or-treat with her friend while Bob went to the woods.

                When Bob arrived at the woods he saw a sign that said beware of mystical creatures but since he was ready for that he brought garlic to scare the vampires away. Then he started his journey and went to the woods and saw many creatures. He came to a house in the middle of the woods. There was this witch that owned this very nice house and had candy that make you go to sleep and Bob ate it. Sadly, the next morning Bob wasn’t at home getting ready for school.

                “Bob where are you?” yelled their dad. Christine decided “Let’s look for him after school.” Her dad agreed and they were off for school.

                Back at the woods Bob woke up and saw he was at the witch’s house. He got up and looked at the kitchen, he saw the witch cooking but later he finally realized it was boiling water that she was going to put him in. When the witch reacted she grabbed him but then he started fighting back.

                “Muahaha I see you finally found what I was up to. “Yes I did and now I’m going to leave.” Bob said quickly as he was exiting the house. While grabbing his shirt the witch said “Just a second there young one, let me get all the meat out of you then you can walk back like a little skeleton.” “Oh no you don’t.” said Bob slipping out of her grip as she was about to drop him in the pot. He ran out as fast as he could.

                 By the time Bob was out of the witch’s sight he was lost deep in the forest. He realized it was dark so he took out his sleeping bag from his bag and went to sleep. The next morning Christine and her dad woke up and drove to the woods. When they parked they started looking for Bob. Two hours of looking they finally found Bob and hugged him and from then on he decided not to be a man anymore for a very long time.

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