Seventh Grade Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection

By: Alena Ramos, Staff Editor

Science class just got a whole lot more interesting.  On June 5 we started our three day frog dissection. The frog dissection is only for the seventh graders and is held in Mrs. Davies and Ms. Le’s rooms. In order to participate, a student had to pass the two tests that were given out. We then picked our own groups and sat in groups of four.


The first day we got our frogs all we were able to do was to look at them and try to open the mouth and look at the teeth and tongue. The next day we got to start cutting. We made an opening in the stomach and saw all the organs. Many students got females and had to then take out all of the messy eggs. If you got a small male then you were lucky because the task was a lot simpler. On the third and final day we got to cut and take out the organs: the liver, heart, intestines, and also the fats.


After everyone was done and it was time for the next class we picked up our mess and gave them our frog. The frogs are given to other people and then disposed of properly in a “special” trash can, even though the frogs can be disposed in just an ordinary one. They all just want to be safe about it because of the chemicals that are in the frogs to preserve them. The dissection was fun, but what made it not so great was the horrible smell that took over the classroom. The next dissection we are going to be doing is a sheep’s eye……

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