The Boy Who Just Wanted to Scare a Friend

The Boy Who Just Wanted to Scare a Friend

By: B. Kaur, Staff Writer

            It was Halloween night and Kim was out trick or treating with her friends. It was 6:00 p.m. and she had just begun getting candy. She was going with all her friends. They were having so much fun until a boy popped out of the bushes and started to chase them. She got so scared she was about to call her mom. When she pulled out her phone she remembered her mom didn’t have a cell phone and her mom wasn’t at home.                                       

             Kim was so freaked out she thought she was going to cry. Suddenly the guy in the mask pulled of his mask and started to laugh. It was one of her friends Austin who was playing a trick on her. She was so mad she started to hit him. He said he was sorry and suddenly all the street lights turned off. A few seconds later the lights came back on but, they noticed that they were the only people on the street. Kim said “Maybe we should go home now.”

They were walking back and Austin had an idea. He wanted to scare Kim a little more, just to see her reaction. He said lets go to the empty pizza place on the end of Maple Street. They thought it was a great idea so they started to walk over there. They managed to open the door and they were looking around. They stopped when they heard a loud bang. The door slammed shut and they tried to get it open but it wouldn’t open. They thought their mom was going to notice they were gone so they went to an underground room where they used to store dough for the pizza. They went down to a small storage room and they stayed there the rest of the night. They were hoping someone would find them.

 Kim said “Good job Austin, look what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything, you wanted to come here.” Austin said

            They stayed there at night trying to escape, but they couldn’t so they gave up. The next day the newspaper had a headline that said “Abandoned pizza place demolished in construction.”

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