Movie Review: Secretariat

By I. Morales and K. Bui, staff writers

 Secretariat is a great movie for the whole family. We guarantee you and your family will love it. The movie is about a woman named Penny who has faith in herself. She does what her heart tells her to do, even when everybody else tells her the opposite.      

            In Denver 1969, Penny and her family were having breakfast. Then she gets a call saying that her mom had died. Her family drove down to Virginia, where her dad’s farm and home is. Penny stays in Virginia for a couple of days to take care of her dad, while her family goes back home. Mrs. Tweedy (Penny) was looking through her dad’s planner, and sees that there is going to be a coin toss between the richest man in America and her father. Whoever wins the coin toss, will get to pick which horse they wanted. The guy won, and chose Hasty Matelda but, it was the one that Penny didn’t mind giving up.

            She went back home and a few days later; she gets a call from the farm, saying that one of the horses was going to give birth. So, she went back with one of her sons to watch the horse give birth. The horse gave birth to a colt but, as soon as it came out, it stood up. The trainers watched in amazement because they had never seen a baby horse stand up that fast. Penny got really attached to it and nicknamed it Big Red (Secretariat). They sign him up for a race and he loses. In 1972 they sign him up for various races with a new jock, and they won most of them. A few months later, Big Red is named horse of the year but to end the good news, Penny’s dad had a stroke and died.

            After the dad dies, they had 6 million dollars of debt to pay. Penny’s husband and brother wanted her to sell Secretariat since, it was worth 7 million dollars but, she wouldn’t sell him for all the money in the world. Penny entered Secretariat into the Triple Crown Races. Secretariat loses the first race because he got an infected tooth and he couldn’t run as fast because he was in pain. The second and third race, Secretariat won. The fourth and final race, Secretariat ran really fast and won! Everyone was amazed because no horse could run as fast as he did.

            In the next 37 years, nobody has ran as fast as Secretariat has. He is still considered the best race horse EVER!

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