Operation Back To School and WEB Leader Program

   O.B.S. / W.E.B.

obs4By: Megan K. & Jenny T.

     Celebrating new beginnings! Sixth graders starting school at Magruder participated in our annual “Operation Back to School” in August. This is Operation Back to School’s twelfth year – a great program that helps sixth graders get used to middle school. Not only were there 6th graders, but the 7th and 8th grade W.E.B. students were helping the whole time.  We couldn’t have a successful O.B.S. program if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of the WEB leaders!  We interviewed two teachers, Ms.Mann and Ms. Loftin, that have been doing O.B.S. for a very long time.

Q: Why did you create Operation Back to School?
A: Ms. Mann: “Only Magruder does Operation Back to School. It is to help the incoming 6th graders feel more confident about middle school.“

Q: How long has O.B.S. been going on?
A: Ms. Mann: “O.B.S. has been around since 2001-2013.”

Q: What do you think the most exciting thing about O.B.S.?
A: Ms. Loftin: “Getting to know the new incoming sixth graders.”

Q: What do you think kids can get out of O.B.S.?
A: Ms. Loftin: “I think they can get a grasp of what middle school is like, and they feel more comfortable with coming to middle school.”

Next, we interviewed 7th grade  W.E.B. student Drake K.

Q: How do you help teachers out with sixth graders?
A: “We tried to get them not nervous for middle school.”

Q: Is there any advice you’d like to give the incoming sixth graders.
A: “ Listen to your teachers and don’t hang around the wrong crowd.

Lastly, we interviewed sixth grade students that went to O.B.S.

Q: How was the overall experience of O.B.S.?
A: “Great. Fun. Got a lot of free stuff. I understood the lockers better and knew the teachers.”

Q:What did you learn from O.B.S.?
A: “I learned you can’t bring backpacks to class. I learned about the campus and how to get on the computers.”

Students learned how to open their lockers, received advice on how to be a successful student, learned about clubs and activities they can join, and played games to get to know one another.The teachers and students had a good time at Operation Back to School 2013.


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