New, Lonely, but Unforgotten

lonely girlBy : Nayrovi P., staff writer


As I got out of bed, something in me was messing with my mind. All my friends were all going to the same school. None of them had moved away like I had. “Don’t worry about it, Mary,” my mother kept on telling me. “You’ll be just fine.” But I wasn’t convinced. I’ve always had a hard time making friends, even speaking out. “I bet everybody already knows each other,” I grumbled as I sat down for breakfast. “Nonsense. Now quit your complaining and eat your pancakes. You’re gonna be late,” my mother scolded me. But still, I knew I was gonna have a hard time meeting new people.


“Mary! Come on, you’re gonna be late!” My mother said from downstairs. “Coming!” I yelled, and sadly walked towards the door, thinking of nothing but how Berenice and all my friends are probably texting each other right now about the homework answers. As my mom drove me, she was giving me a lecture of how I shouldn’t  think negatively and think positive. “How am I supposed to think positive, when everybody is gonna think negatively of me?” I asked. But she just kept telling me to quit my whining and listen. That seven minute drive sounded more like seven hours.


Finally, the time I had most been dreading came. The worst thing was that since I moved halfway through the first semester, everybody already have their group of friends. Everybody but me.


“Remember, Mary. It doesn’t matter if you are new, or whatever. Just try your best. That’s all that matters to me.” Those words were followed by a loving kiss on the forehead,  and then, I found my way to all my sixth grade classes. Who knows. Maybe my mother will only be halfway right, and some people will like me. So as I opened my locker, I saw some people looking at me. I was so nervous, I felt that I was being burned alive.


All of the sudden, a girl made her way towards me. “Hi, are you new?” The girl looked polite, with a sky blue shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was brown, with streaks of blonde, and her eyes were a shining emerald green. “ Umm, yeah,” I responded, and gave a weak smile. “My name is Josceline,” she said. “I’ll show you around if you want.” “Ok, thanks,” I responded. Maybe things won’t turn out so bad.


All day I was with Josceline. She introduced me to her best friend, Katherine, and her two friend Isabella and Taylor, who were twin sisters. When I arrived at my house, I told my mom all about my new friends, and she said,”Didn’t I tell you?” Well of course, she was actually right, and I admit I was wrong. But it was a good day. I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow. I will probably still be known as the new girl, but will I be forgotten? No way. I was new, I was lonely, but I am not forgotten.


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