Back to School Fall Fashion

9dac07d160407ab9309c539506217c81f8ebfe2f-480Back to School Fashion for Girls

By: Sarah B., staff writer

Girls, do you want to know what to wear for fall? Most of the time girls just wear jeans and their favorite shirt but today I’ll tell you what is in style for fall. ( I got most of these ideas from Seventeen)

For tops, sweaters and denim are in style. Leather is also a good choice for jackets. You can find all of these things at Forever 21.That’s most of the styles for tops.

For pants and shorts, there are basically a few styles. (Again) Denim, bleached denim, and leather. Another good choice is printed, black, camouflage, and gray leggings. You can buy leggings and jeans at basically any clothing store. Bleached jeans can be made by you! Leather pants can be bought at Forever 21.

There are a lot of trendy things for accessories but I can’t name all of them. Hats are definitely in style like beanies and just plain hats.Illusion bags and metallic nail polish are also in style. Same with chain necklaces.


Last, but not least,your hair. These are a few ideas. You can put your hair in a regular,braided,or a regular bun with loose hair in front. Another idea is to put your hair in any braid and put it over your shoulder.The last idea is to curl your hair.

That is just a few ideas you can find more at  That’s all for now.

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