PTSA Fundraiser

The Scoop On Cookie Dough and Magazines

AllenBy: Nayrovi P., staff writer


There’s a rumor that there is a fundraiser going on. Which Fundraiser? The fall PTSA fundraiser, of course! Many students here at Magruder are all ready for the cookie dough and magazine sale. But what is it? Well, here is the scoop, right from Mrs. Allen, our PTSA President.


Every September Magruder students sell magazines and cookie dough to family and friends This fall fundraiser is the base of all the money that PTSA receives all year. What is the money going for? Why do we sell? Those are the questions most asked by students. Well, if this fundraiser didn’t happen, there would be no new books in the library, no fieldtrips, no 8th grade graduation activities, no new programs for math, science and technology, no new instruments for band, and no new equipment for P.E classes. The money earned pays for all of those things.


“How much did you earn in last year’s fall fundraiser?” That’s the question many people asked Mrs. Allen. “Last year, we earned about $26,000.00,” Mrs. Allen responded. The goal this year is to make at least $25,000. The total budget PTSA makes is about $55,000 for all the year. That funds clubs, equipment, and even scholarships for North High! We have emergency supplies in each room, and each student has an agenda, thanks to PTSA.


Now, what about the prices? The person who sells the most can be principal for a day! And their best friend can be assistant principal. Your job will be to do anything you want, eat anything you can. You don’t have to walk to get your lunch. Just call your favorite pizza place, and order as much as you can eat, and as much soda that you can drink. Plus, if you want to sell at least eight magazines or snacks, most of the awards are cash prizes!


So hurry! Ask your friends, beg your parents, cry for your grandma, just do your best, and sell. Not only might you earn lots of prizes, but you will be helping yourself with all the money that PTSA will give your school. So go out there and sell those magazines and that cookie dough!


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