Back To School Night

The Back to School Night Story

DSCN9349By: Ryan G., staff writer

Last Tuesday was one of the biggest nights of any parent’s life: Back To School Night. For all of you who don’t know Back to School or “Parent Night” is the night where your parents come to school and learn the logistics of your classes, meet the teachers, and see what’s in store for the semester.  It started with a PTA meeting then got on to the main event!

When I asked Language Arts teacher, Ms. Jaeger, she said that she loves Back to School Night. She also said that she had the time of her life seeing the parents. Many students were there too and they had a great time at the Back To School Night!

Parents we talked to said that Back to School night is a great way to begin the year and it’s good to see what their kids are learning.  For some, it’s pretty overwhelming to move from class to class without being used to their surroundings, but WEB leaders were there to assist parents. Many parents thought it was a successful experience,  and mentioned how GREAT Back To School Night was!

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