Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club Needs You

DSC01143By : Jenny C. & Khanh P., staff writers

Yearbook time! It’s that time again people! Start thinking about which club to join.  If you have no idea, then join the Yearbook Club. Mrs.Peterson needs ALL of the 8th graders she can get. If you decide to join the Yearbook Club, make sure to bring your lunch before 12:30, which is the time yearbook club starts.

Don’t think you want to join yearbook club?  If you buy one online at before Oct. 18th,  you can get your yearbook with $5.00 off.  Plus, you get 4 free icons with personalization. So don’t wait! Start changing this year and make an impact on our school by helping the yearbook club and we promise you will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE! We’ve made a wonderful decision on the cover already. We’d love to show you all our work on the yearbook, you could find that it was worth all of the money. Marla Stuntz, our Jostens Rep., helped us with last year’s yearbook and we are going to say thank you by selling a lot this year.  So help us by either joining the yearbook club or just buy the yearbook right now. We hope you will listen to our suggestions. So please, make the right decision!

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