Back to School Night

Back to School Night

By: A. Pelayo and R. Patteri, staff writers

Here again, the great MMS Back to School Night of the year 2010- 11. It started with your usual fun, students greeting friends and teachers while roaming around with their parents. There was a pizza sale and a Magruder sweatshirt sale managed by our PTSA members.

Mr. Voigt, our charming principal, welcomed the parents and talked about the ongoing school building project. He explained Parent Connect and a few other basics about Magruder. Mr. Voigt also mentioned the initiatives taken by the Magruder staff members to help students to achieve their best in studies.

 The class tour began at 6: 30 pm, and that was when the real fun started. For a change, the parents became the students and went from class to class after every ten minutes. Each classroom teacher tried their best to explain what they, classroom rules, homework policies, and so on.

 For parents that attended this year’s Back to School Night, it may look like a two hour routine, but as students, we know very well how much effort from all the teachers went into Back to School Night. All our teachers deserve the very best for making this year’s Back to School Night a very interesting, informative, and interactive event.

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