Halloween Carnival

                     Halloween Carnival

DSC_0078By: Kenadi Kersting, staff writer


Are you always bored in 6th period? Do you want to get out of it a little bit early?  Maybe, like an hour early?  Well, on Halloween you will do just that.


Magruder will have its annual Halloween carnival at the end of the day. There will be booths where you can play games or where you can get some food. For only 50 cents you and your friends can have your picture taken in front of the Halloween poster(one picture for every 50 cents). Ever wondered what you’d look like with pink hair? Well, get your hair spray-painted for 50 cents. All other Halloween booths are free. Then towards the end of the day there will be a costume contest for scariest, funniest, best group costume, most unique, and cutest costumes.


There are just couple things to remember: NO MASK, NO WEAPONS, KEEP IT SCHOOL APPROPRIATE. After you follow all of these rules you only have one more big rule –



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