Haunted Classroom Maze

Halloween Maze

halloweenby:Kenadi Kersting, editor in chief


You know how everyone says Halloween is the scariest time of the year? Well, I hated that saying. OH wait, I forgot to introduce myself.  Hi I’m Esther, and I’m like the hardest person to scare… well, I used to be, until one day.


Every year around Halloween my school does this haunted maze, and everyone in school knew I was the hardest person to scare, so almost every one of my friends got together and made the worst haunted maze you could ever think of. My birthday is around Halloween so they gave me a ticket to go in the haunted maze which is about a dollar. The ticket was for Halloween day…


So a couple days later it was Halloween and it was lunchtime.  After I finished my lunch it was time for me to go to the haunted maze. What I thought was pretty weird is that I did not see my friends at lunch that day. ButI thought nothing of it.


Then one of my friends said, “Ready to go to the maze?” I  was  totally ready because I knew I was not going to be scared. SoI start walking in and not thinking that I could be scared because I am the only one in school that is un-scareable.


Then all of a sudden I heard something and it was nothing like I have heard before, so I turned really quickly and saw nothing. When I turned back around, there it was – one of my friends hung. I screamed as loud as could because then I saw another one of friends the same, and another… all of my friends were, except one.


I don’t have the best vision so allI could see was a black shadow but as I grew closer and closer I could see it was one of my best friends holding a rope and saying “Oh Esther, it’s your turn… oh, Esther it’s your turn.” So I started screaming, horrified, and took off as fast as I could.


When I got outside all of my friends were their laughing and laughing and saying “Haha, we scared you!” Now from that day on, no one in school can claim to not be scared because they know if I can be scared, they have no chance.

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