Top Three Parks to Visit on Halloween

Top Three Parks to Visit on Halloween

HHN2013_Dynamic-Lead_USH_961x541-221x124Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., staff writers

 Where do you want to spend your Halloween? Well, there are three choices where you can get the ultimate scare. Those places are Horror Nights, at Universal Studios Hollywood, Fright Fest at Six Flags, and Knott’s Scary Farm. But what are the prices? Well, we are gonna tell you.


At Universal Studios, Hollywood, there are strictly no costumes allowed. But for everybody that has an annual pass, you’re in luck. You get a discount not only for you, but for six other people that you might bring. That brings the total down to $40! And in case you want to buy a front of the line pass, it is about $119 to $136 on the days that is not sold out. The time is 7pm to 2am.So it is better to buy it online, and quick. The general admission is about $64, but its less online. Plus, it has so many new scare zones, and the terror tram, and when all the lights go out, you better run for your life. If you survive…


Then, of course, there’s fright fest at Six Flags. Unlike Halloween Horror Nights, costumes are allowed. But no masks, face painting, or hoods. People in costumes might get checked for weapons. Then there’s a bummer. Fright fest is almost like Horror Night, except for some attractions. Some haunted attractions are separate paid. They give a discount for those attractions if you have a season pass, and they give you a bracelet if you buy it, and then you can go in. Get ready for the ultimate scare.


At Knott’s Scary Farms, this year will be the 41st year of halloween haunt. The prices are from $50 to $60. There will be a lot of frightening mazes, and a whole lot of scare zones. There will be a thousand monsters tromping around, just waiting to frighten you. There will also be live shows, and all the monsters will scare you in the fog. The time is 7pm to 2am. The event will go on, rain or shine.

So these are the top three parks to visit on Halloween, if you are looking for the ultimate fright. If you are to scared to go, you can just stick to trick or treating or go to Disneyland to enjoy with the little kids. So get ready to be scared beyond what you  imagined!

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