Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

jelly bean costume pictureBy: Jenny T. and Alyssa A. , Staff Writers


It’s October! And you know what that means! Halloween is finally here! We are going to help you find out how to make a few last minute Halloween costumes. Anyone can make these costumes, whether it’s 2 hours before Halloween or 10 minutes.

One idea is being a bag of jelly beans,because who doesn’t love jelly beans? The materials you need are, a large plastic bag, balloons, a pen (optional),scissors, and tape. First, you get the sealed part of the bag and cut a hole in the middle so you can poke your head through. Then, you blow up the balloons and tape them all on the outside. And if you want, you can write “Jelly Belly” on the outside of the bag.

Superhero costume picThe next idea is being a superhero. You only need a superhero t-shirt and fabric that goes with your shirt. You just wear your superhero t-shirt and then tie the 2 ends of the fabric around your neck for a cape. This is the easiest costume that you can probably do.




The last costume idea is is an 80’s girl. All you need is a shin-high skirt and a regular shirt. What you do first you put on the skirt and the shirt, then you tease and make your hair puffed up until you think it is enough. That is a really easy costume to do.

80s Girl costume picThese are a few quick, fun, and easy costumes to make for Halloween. Buying a costume from a store can cost a lot, but if you make your own then you can have a nice and cheap costume. Happy Halloween!


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