Scarecrow Nightmare

The Nightmare of the Scarecrow

scarecrowBy Marcus Montoya, Staff Writer


Once upon a time, there was a kid named Tiago who lived in Torrance, California. He lived with his mom Grace, his brother Bruce, and his dad named Max. So one evening as he was getting tucked in to bed he fell fast asleep. Then suddenly, Tiago imagined a killer scarecrow was in his house. He heard noises from his staircase, so he tried to escape off the balcony but it was locked. Suddenly he heard three knocks on his bedroom door. The knob of the door was twisting open… it opened. A scarecrow entered, raced over to Tiago and cut him in the arm. The horror of it made him wake up from his deep, dark sleep.


The next day his mom served him cereal. While he was eating he felt a pain in his upper arm so he pulled up his sleeve then he found the same exact cut that he got in his dream. He was very surprised he gasped, “The dream is becoming real!” He said. “I’ve got to make a plan to beat this scarecrow.”

That evening as the sun was going down slowly, Tiago was worried, but he did have a plan. He put his bat under his bed.  Confident, he fell asleep.

All of a sudden Tiago heard the staircases creaking. Then the scarecrow opened his door slowly, so Tiago hid under his bed. He saw the scarecrow with a scythe in his hand. So Tiago came out under his bed and hit the scarecrow with one swing of a bat, and poof, the scarecrow vanished instantly out of sight.


In the morning when he woke up Tiago felt relief that the scarecrow was gone. He was happily eating pancakes for breakfast, when he noticed there was a scarecrow hanging on a pole outside his window. He said “Huh! I don’t remember that being there.”



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