A Halloween Scare

stock (1) A Halloween Scare

BY: Sarah Beasley and Jenny Tran, Staff Writers

            One Halloween Night, three kids named Adam, Katie, and Will were trick or treating when they saw something unusual. They saw a strange figure in the distance. They thought it was their imagination so they went to the next house.  The next house was a humongous mansion, with a suspicious look. They rang the doorbell but nobody was home. The door creaked open. They tip toed inside as the wooden floors creaked beneath their shivering feet. “Should we be in here guys?” asked Katie. “Maybe it’s one of those haunted houses, or a maze or something.” said Will. “I don’t know guys.” Katie said nervously. “Let’s just go inside.” Adam said. So they went inside.

The inside of the mansion was covered in dust and cobwebs. There were dark spots that looked like blood stains on the stairwell. “Uh, guys? We should go…” Katie said nervously. All of the sudden they heard a voice that was saying “Get out, or else!” The kids started screaming. But no one heard them. They ran to the door but the door shut and locked.


“I told you guys we shouldn’t be here!” angrily whispered Katie.

“Well, thanks to Adam, I’m late for dinner! We’re having pot roast!” yelled Will.

“Be quiet! We don’t want to get stuck in here. Let’s find a way out.” Adam said.

They walked up the long flight of stairs. Right at the top, was a dog. “Aw! What’s your name?” Katie said. She looked at the dog’s collar which said,”Jasper.” “Jasper, that’s a cute name.” said Katie. The dog barked in excitement. “It’s been such a long time since people came in here” said the dog. “You can talk!!!” the kids said at once.


“Be quiet, or we’ll get caught.” the dog whispered. “This is what happened over the years. Every five years three kids come along and this year is the 50th year this has happened.” the dog explained. “Ok, so how old are you?” Will asked. “I am 50 years old in human years, so you can say I’m a ghost.” Jasper said quietly. “WHAT?” the kids yelled. “But we can see you.” Will said.


The kids heard a moan in the room. It said, “This is just the beginning kids, get ready to DIE!”


The kids screamed in terror as they ran into a room filled with antiques. “Don’t knock anything over Will.” Katie said as Will almost knocked everything down like dominoes. “That was a close one!” Adam said quietly. “Let’s try to find an exit.” Jasper whispered, “There might be a way out in the basement.”                         .

As the kids ran down the stairs to the basement, they thought they saw figures. Everywhere they looked they saw shadows big, tall, fat, and skinny. They were terrified. When the got to the stairs that led to the basement they stopped. “I think I’ll stay here guys, I’m scared.” Katie said with fear in her eyes. “Stop being a wimp! Man up!” shouted Adam.


“Shush! You’ll get us all killed!” Jasper whispered.

“Who dare disturbs my slumber? They shall pay!” the angry ghost said.

“Oh no, guys we have got to get out of here!” Will said.

“Well, thanks Captain Obvious!” Adam yelled.

The ground began to shake and the ceiling started crumbling. “Run!” shouted Jasper.

They began running as fast as they could. “Make a left!” shouted Jasper. There was a window right in front of them. “Come on!” Katie shouted. They all pulled the window sill up. There luckily was a pool to jump into, but the jump was far. “Ladies first,” said Adam, “Fine, let’s all go at the same time. One, two, three!” They all jumped and splashed in, just barely making it. All three climbed out, dripping wet in the cold night. “Let’s never do that again!” Will said shivering uncontrollably.

Adam, Katie and Will promised each other they would never tell what happened and each one ran home. In the next five years it won’t happen again. OR WILL IT?

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