Shadows In The Dark

Shadows In The Dark

St_georges_church_graveyard_Carrington_Greater_ManchesterBy: Nayrovi P. & Khanh P., staff writers

            I never knew what I was getting into. I was just digging myself into a deeper hole. I knew better than to go to the graveyard. Especially on Halloween…


“ Don’t be a baby, Will. You’d rather go trick-or-treat with the babies, be my guest,” my friend Bobby told me. He wanted to go trash the graveyard with toilet paper. Was only in on the tricks. But I’d already agreed. Now, as I made my way to the meadow where we agreed to meet, I wanted to run. The graveyard was in the path from the meadow, through the woods, passing the Crikey River. The town of Waynesville was known for being haunted, and here we came, to wreck the ghosts’ resting place! I hated myself for listening to Bobby. “ WILL! Over here!” I heard Bobby call and made my way to him, hauling my backpack with 10 rolls of toilet paper.



We, made our way, I noticed Bobby was a bit nervous. He tried to clear the heavy air by talking. “ Ya know what my mom said? She said that if I go trash them graves, the ghouls gonna come right after us. Like they did to them high schoolers last years.” I nodded my head, and said, “Your mama knows what she’s talking about. Them ghosts hate people since they dead and we alive!” I kicked the floor and turned on Bobby, yelling, “Why’d you have to go and make things worse! I thought friends are supposed to care for each other. But all you do is make things worse!” Then, I dropped all the toilet paper to the floor, and tromped off, leaving Bobby alone.


As I was reaching the meadow, I heard Bobby yell from far away. My heart leaped, and I ran back for him. “WILL! IN THE GRAVEYARD!” He yelled as loud as he could. When I reached the graveyard, I saw shadows, and then, Bobby’s yelling when silent, and nothing was there.


A few years later, I made my way to the place I last saw Bobby. All of the sudden, I hear something rustled in the bushes, and a very dusty Bobby came out, in ripped, outgrown clothes. “ Bobby? Is that you?” “ No, its a zombie. Of course it’s me.” “But, how are you here?” How was he here?

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