Memories of Tek Trek

“Memories of Tech Trek 2013”

tek trek pictBy:Carly Phu and Lizbeth Mancia

            On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 6:30-8:00pm, AAUW Torrance Branch held a special celebration for all the Tech Trek camp girls.  This event’s goal was for the girls to share their stories and memories from the university campuses that they have visited.  They were to give speeches explaining about what they have learned and how their experiences have shaped them for future STEM majors and careers in the future.


First, Tech Trek girls and their friends and family got invited to Toyota Automobile Museum.  The seats were arranged neatly and the stage was set up with a projector flashing pictures of the girls taken at the various university campuses.  It showed girls with big smiles as they were working on projects.  As the girls were getting ready by practicing their speeches to be given one last time, friends and family members were allowed to walk through the Toyota Automobile Museum to view all the cars of the past  as they were displayed on the museum floor.  It was very interesting to see all the cars that were displayed.  I also got to see my dad’s first car, Toyota Supra.


Second as 32  girls went up to the front to give their speeches one-by-one, I saw their nervousness.  But all gave wonderful speeches and all the audience members were happy for the girls’ successful experiences from Tech Trek 2013 camps as they applauded loudly. Among many, Catherine Phu and Sara Mohammad were from Magruder Middle School and their sponsor, Ms. Barbara Graham, was also present.  After both girls’ speeches, Ms. Graham congratulated them and said she was very proud of the girls’ speeches.  She also gave both girls a goody bag filled with gifts from Exxon Mobil.  She reminded that Exxonmobil has adopted Magruder Middle School recently and that she will soon be sending our principal a message to welcome all 8th grade girls to visit Exxon Mobil refinery next year to further encourage girls to go into careers dealing with STEM.  She also asked if Exxon Mobil can do a feature story on Catherine Phu on their local neighborhood paper that gets distributed throughout Torrance City.  Ms. Graham said she really appreciated that Catherine had sent her thank you letter after her Tech Trek and also she appreciated that Catherine mentioned how Exxonmobil was also involved with other sponsorship programs when she was attending Edison Elementary School.


Lastly, there were a lot of pictures been taken with family members, teachers, and girls’ sponsors.  Many Tech Trek girls gave hugs and congratulations to other girls, and said many thank you to people that supported them.  Everyone also got to enjoy cookies and drinks offered too.


The night started and ended with high energy. It was perfect ending for girls who learned and worked hard at their Tech Trek camps.

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