Interview with Mr. Sheck

Interview with Mr.Sheck

DSCN9563By: Khanh, Jenny C & Megan K., staff writers

            Have you had any questions about how our principal is improving our school, or do you just want to know Mr. Sheck a little better? Well, here’s the story to read about! We’ll show you the ins and outs about being a principal, and show Mr.Sheck’s goals and expectations for Magruder. He is a man with a mission!

Q’s and A’s

Q: What is your vision for our school?

A: “By the end of the year, I want the teachers to have new lessons, and all the students to act AND be best students.”


Q: Do you think we will have any field trips this year?

A:” All grades are scheduled to have 2 different field trips and we are planning to have people to come to our school and have assemblies.”


Q: What is your goal for our school concerning education?

A: “My goal for the WHOLE school is to be the best school in the whole district.”


Q: What is the hardest part about being principal?

A: “The hardest thing about being a principal is making sure that the teachers have what they need to be successful, the parents have what they need to help the kids, and for the students to have what they need to be successful.”


Q: When did you know that you want to be principal?

A: “I knew when I wanted to be a principal when I was a high school teacher.”


Q:If you got to tell a new principal a big tip, what will it be?

A: “My BIGGEST tip would be to listen to ALL of your students, parents, and teachers.”


Q: What’s the best thing about being principal?

A: “The best thing about being a principal is that I get to have relationships with students in every grade and get to know them better.”


So that is all the information that you should know about our principal and Mr. Sheck’s wishes and high hopes for our school! So, please, after reading this story, think about how YOU can contribute to Mr. Sheck’s wishes and be the BEST student that you can be!




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