Get to Know Our New Math Teacher, Mr. Lam

Get to Know Our New Math Teacher – Mr. Lam

??????????    by: Carly P. and Lizbeth M., staff writers

Did you know we have a new math teacher at Magruder? He is also my Pre-Algebra teacher, Mr. Matt Lam. I want to first say, “Welcome Mr. Lam to Magruder Middle School!”


Q1 Why did you decided to become a math teacher and not other subjects?

A1 “The real reason is that I enjoy math and I wanted to make a difference.”


Q2 Have you worked at other schools teaching math? If so which school have you worked in the past?

A2 “Yes, I worked at another school before coming to Magruder Middle School.  I worked at Eastlake Middle School.”


Q3 what are your experiences or level of math during your teaching years?

A3 “I have taught Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.”


Q4. What advice would you give to 6th and 7th graders to help them pass your class?

A4 “I really want to emphasize the students to be organized and do all homework, classwork, and come to class with positive attitude.”


Q5 Looking back at your schooling years, would you and why would you thank your friends and teachers?

A5 “Looking back, Yes, I am thankful of one particular event that was held at my school. The event was called Community Support. “


Q6 What colleges or university did you attend and what was your major?

A6 “I went to University California of San Diego–UCSD, and I majored in Math.”


Q7 How did you end up teaching in Magruder Middle School students?

A7 “There was a position that opened up and I applied and here I am.”


Q8 How do you like working at Magruder Middle School so far?

A8” I like it!”


Q9 Between other school and Magruder Middle School, which school is the better school that you’ve experience teaching?

A9  “I really like teaching in Magruder Middle School as Pre-Algebra teacher, but I really liked teaching Algebra 1 from my last school.”


Q10 What was the person who helped you overcome the struggles in your life and why would you thank them?

A10 “My middle school math teacher comes to my mind.  She was a mentor and helped me with school and good advices.”


I want to thank Mr. Lam for giving me several opportunities from his busy schedule to talk with me.  I am thankful for his honesty and his willingness to share.  I also think that he is a good  math teacher. (I can say this since I am really learning a lot from him everyday as his student.)  Magruder students should get to know him better.  Please drop by with warm smiles and many hellos to welcome him to our school.

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