Clash of Clans App Review

App Review on Clash of Clans

images By:Bryan Lakin, Staff Writer


What is Clash of Clans?Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you level up and attack others.In the game you star off as a town hall one.The town hall is a building were you upgrade, so you can get new buildings.Here is also a tip in the game,you should upgrade everything in your base to the max. It will be easier to upgrade things at the next town hall.This website is some parts of a maxed out base until town hall 6.Please enjoy the video.Clash of Clans – AMAZING Time Lapse They are only up to Town hall 10 right now.

The game ,Clash of Clans, itself has update for different holidays like Halloween and Christmas. In Halloween, the game has a pumpkin bomb and allows you to have bushes,trees,and mushrooms have a Halloween feeling.In Christmas,they have a santa spell that does a lot of damage.They also have Christmas trees that can give you gold or gems.Your whole base will be nearly be covered in snow.

There are defense buildings that help protect your base from people attacking you.These defense buildings like cannons,archer towers,mortars are the main buildings you start off with until town hall 3.Starting at town hall 5, you will get a Wizard tower.At town hall 7, you gat a hidden tesla.At town hall 9,you get an x-bow which is very impotant at that level.At town hall 10,you get the inferno tower which does a lot of damage.Visit this website to see defense buildings.

Don’t forget that you can get gold,elixir,and dark elixir from your mines,pumps,and and dark drill.This will help you upgrade your stuff easier when you upgrade your mine,drill,and pump.

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