The Nintendo 2DS Review!

The Nintendo 2DS

images (1)By: Dustyn C., staff writer


You may know Nintendo as “The almighty creators of genuine game consoles” with creations such as the Wii, Wii U, and handheld consoles such as the DS, and the most recent of the bunch, the 3DS. Now, Nintendo has released a new product for the 3DS family, which is the 2DS! With the removal of the 3D feature, you may think that this is a departure of 3D, but it’s not. The 2DS is just another addition to the 3DS family for YOUNGER CHILDREN and CONCERNED GAMERS!

Although the 3D feature has been removed, the rest of the 3DS features have been retained, such as Street Pass, Mii Plaza, Internet Browser, and more. I should also mention that the 2DS has removed the fold feature, with a more “I Pad mini” design but much smaller. Instead of a fold feature, they put a “sleep mode” switch, which acts like how you would close a regular 3DS. Although these features might be out of the way, the 2DS has a better battery life and it allows much more hand space due to its flat design. For $129.99, it is ideal for those people who don’t care about the 3D feature and just want the new features or for young children. Nintendo hasn’t failed yet, and with the 2DS, we all can experience the epic features of the 3DS (in 2D)!

I rate the 2DS a 9 out of 10! Despite 3D being removed, it’s an affordable and comfortable choice for all ages.

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