Review of the Nintendo Wii U

 What U will play Next

Wii U controllerBy: Ryan G., staff writer

With the lifespan of the Wii giving out, Nintendo thought that they needed something that would be similar to the Wii but still different. So at E3 2011(a convention for gaming),  the Wii U was shown off to be the successor to the Wii making use of two screens, the gamepad and the TV screen.

Games shown off for the Wii U started with launch titles like New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land, and other features were the feature of offscreen play, (playing without using the TV) Miiverse(Which is basically facebook for the Wii U) and playing between both screens and games that make use of this feature like :Super Mario Pikmin 3 Wonderful 101, and the already mentioned New  Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land . So if I were to rate the system, even though it doesn’t  have many games, it is still and a good alternative over a game on a smartphone because, it has potential for better graphics and better gameplay  .

And at E3 2013 they showed more games like Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3d World and a Downloadable add-on for New super Mario Bros called New Super Luigi U. It also has downloadable updates like one that lets you download things while your console is off and being able to receive items in games from other players through Miiverse. Another improvement is that now it displays in 1080p also know as the lowest point in HD but it only goes up from there, and very many games make use of this feature, making the games look very nice and the art style sticks out. So if anything the Wii U is a solid step to compete with the Xbox One and Playstation 4(The successor for the Xbox and Playstation respectively.)

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