Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

alvarez sweater By: Alyssa A., Staff Writer

What are teenage girls wearing these days? This season is all about sweaters, beanies, boots, and jeans. Some stores that you can shop at for the latest style outfits are, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tilly’s, and Aeropostale.


At Forever 21 there is this “Cross Print Sweatshirt” that you can wear with any kind of dark jeans or leggings. Abercrombie & Fitch also has cute tops and jeans as in the “Destroyed Medium Wash Boyfriend Jeans”, you can wear those with this “Hallie Shine Sweatshirt”. At Tilly’s there is this “Love Me Girls Crop Sweater” which would go perfectly with any kind of blue jeans or black leggings.


With those outfits the cutest shoes to wear with them are chestnut boots! What everyone is wearing today are white converse, they match with everything! There are also combat boots that match everything also! Any color beanies are in style too! Now, I hope you take my advice in fashion and check out the stores I told you about!

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