Mrs. Okazaki

Mrs. Okazaki

By: R. Patteri and S. Bradford, staff writers

Mrs. Okazaki is focused on student success this year.  “I want to make sure the student’s academic needs are met and that the teachers and classes are challenging.” 

She talked about competitive markets globally and how she wants to lift our standards and goals at Magruder to ensure our students have an excellent education. 

Mrs. Okazaki knows that students need to learn, and both her and Mr. Voigt have thought of some new programs that include a PE pull out program, and afterschool tutoring program,  having the math teachers participate in an intensive math program, and ongoing staff development.

This year Mrs. Okazaki would like to see some sports tournaments take place during lunch recess to get more students involved.  “I hope every student joins in at least one club this year,” said Mrs. Okazaki.  She would also like to see a cleaner campus and safe environment where students are happy to come to school.

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