Skechers Friendship Walk

Skechers Friendship Walk

photo (1)By: Carly P. and Lizbeth M., staff writers

On that beautiful fall day of Sunday, October 27, a wonderful program called Skechers Friendship Walk supported children of special needs and education.

The Skechers Walk started on Manhattan Beach Pier and ended at the Hermosa Pier. Different schools around the South Bay area, such as Magruder came, including some famous people such as Brooke Burke,Tommy Lasorda,and Jimmy Kimmel. This program supports the kids with special needs.  Each school had a goal to have 100 walkers or more from their school to raise an additional of $1,000. The motivation was for each school to have STEM programs, more field trips, and a program to help special needs kids. For those who did not go on the friendship walk, if you want to contribute to this worthy cause, you can call Skechers company or go on their website to contribute money.


As you can see, many schools reached their goals. For example, Magruder reached a good goal because we had at least 50 who participated in the walk, and for that fact, we earned $1,250. Even though we didn’t meet our 100 walkers goal, we still earned more than last year. ¬† Skechers also reached their goal to earn $1,000,000 for this charity event.

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