Football Video Game: Madden 25

Madden   25

By Colby H., staff writer

Everyone’s got their minds on football, right?  It’s time to try a little pro football at home.

downloadMadden 25 is a football video game that was released this past summer. It sold over one million copies! This included the new and improved abilities of the running game, such as: the trucking ability, (the ability to knock down defenders) spin move, juke move, and hurdling (ability to jump over defenders.)

The defense in Madden 25 also improved tremendously. The Ball Hawk feature improved by, making it easier to intercept the ball. Another change is the running game. So instead of your blockers getting in the way, they actually block, because in the last version they would not block anyone. I personally rate it 4 out of 5. So go buy it and give it a try!

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