Preview of Gran Turismo 5

Preview of Gran Turismo 5

By: Adil Jawed, Review Editor 

The Gran Turismo series has always set the standard for all racing games. The series always featured unbelievable realism in the driving to make a video game player feel like they are actually behind the wheel of their most desired dream cars. With the newest  version in the Gran Turismo lineup, Gran Turismo 5, publishers Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital take it even further. Being announced as the most realistic driving simulator ever, Gran Turismo 5 has been awarded the most prestigious driving and racing game awards in the industry – even before its release. The reason for this? Its diversity of cars and the new realism it brings. Gran Turismo 5’s new selection of over 1,000 cars says a lot about its desire to once again be used as the industry standard.

The fact it has  so many brands of cars says a lot, and it not only shows the unbelievable ideal of Gran Turismo 5’s cars but also its heart for the sport of driving. In addition to the expected supercars and such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLS AMG and Lexus LFA to cars new and old, such as the Lexus IS-F and Toyota Supra, there is another trio of cars that really stir the imagination. From the latest NASCAR roster to off-road WRC dirt racing Imprezzas all the way to classic Italians from the 1960’s racing days.

Gran Turismo 5 is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Forza racing series’ newest game. Gran Turismo 5 was initially scheduled for release in early November – however, Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital abruptly changed the much-anticipated date to “Holiday Season 2010.” This last minute delay may have inconvenienced fans, but it most likely won’t hurt any sales .





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