Tech Club

Tech Club

DCIM100SPORTBy Liz M. and Carly P., staff writers


Have you ever thought about building your own computer or wanted to create your own code? Well, there’s a new club on campus, the Tech Club! In Tech Club you’ll learn how to create apps, repair and  build computers, and write code.  This club teaches students the basics so those who love working with computers or those who love building things can get started.


In Tech Club, the activities are amazing. For example,you could learn how to dismantle, repair, and assemble electronic equipment, starting with computer keyboards. Members of the club will identify parts of inside computers and what makes them important. Also, students will be learning coding, html, and java script through Code Academy.

This club is sponsored by Ms. Fischer, Ms. Jung, and Ms. Nowak. Ms. Nowak, is usually the one who does most of the talking during the club. She helps students to experiment with things like how to make games, how to write software, how to run websites, how to upgrade your own hardware, and how to build a computer from scratch. Lastly, for the kids, we can teach the teachers how to play Mine-Craft and help the kids with school subjects using Mine-Craft!

Tech Club meets Wednesdays, after school in room 10.

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