Video Game Review: Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins Review Wii U/Xbox 360/Ps3/PC

Gardiner Batman picture    By Ryan Gardiner Staff Writer


In the Success of Batman Arkham Asylum and City  Dc wanted to cash in on those games by making a prequel that takes 10 years before asylum and city . But does this cash cow hold up better than the others, lets see. The story starts on Christmas eve Batman goes to investigate a  breakout at Blackgate prison and gets ambushed by a human like crocodile who calls himself Killer Croc after that he tells him eight assassins are after him this night for a 50 million dollar bounty  from Black Mask, the assassins are  Deathstroke, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Lady Shiva, Copperhead, Electrocutioner,  Bane, and Firefly.


If this games motto “Your enemies will define you” is true that means this game is awful.”Because the boss battle are among the worst i’ve seen in a video game in a  long time. Killer Croc is just a scaled up version a regular enemy you see later. While Bane is the same thing only with higher stakes in the story. Deathstroke is the most repetitive awful boss battle in the game just mash the attack button and counter to win (more on this later.) Lady Shiva is the just a regular enemy. Electrocutioner is pathetic, one hit will instantly defeat him and thats it! Firefly is the only original boss fight with you throwing batarangs and immobilizing him  but its shorter than Deathstroke so thats a plus. Copperhead is just you fighting enemies. But last is Deadshot who is just a stealth section.


This game is separated into three gameplay areas, stealth, combat, and exploration. The exploration is when you want to get from one place to another, but on the way you can find gangs and stop crimes. While doing combat the game gets very complex you have a combo counter and if you get 8 hits in a row you have a takedown available which will instantly take down a thug, and since you are the dark knight himself you have a counter that will block and do some damage to an enemy and knock them down, while they are knocked down you have a ground takedown to knock them out it will also help with stealth. Speaking of stealth enemies will sometimes be packing guns which since you are only human they are too powerful to take with with combat and stealth comes in, in a typical stealth section there will be gargoyles that you can grapple on to in order to plan your attack and while doing stealth your main tactic will be gadgets and inverted and silent takedowns. To execute a silent takedown just sneak up behind him and press the button on screen.The gadgets you can use are the classic batarangs, explosive gel, batclaw, smoke pellet, and remote control batarang.

Though it seems like I don’t like this game, I do, this game improved the combat and makes it look like your moves really hurt, while also improving stealth by giving you ne gadgets  and exploration by bringing in a crime in progress system where you stop crime in progress. The story was a step back in storytelling but two steps forward in the character development because Batman learns to trust others, and Alfred learns to just accept the fact that Batman is who he is. But since this time an actual video game wrote this story(instead of Paul Dini) so at times it will get maybe as epic as a Call of Duty game or more than that, in order to appeal to that crowd


This game also has a multiplayer mode for the Xbox, Ps3, and PC versions  where you can play as Joker, Bane, Batman, and Robin. The point for Batman and Robin(Dick Grayson,because in later games it’s Tim Drake) is to use their different stealth takedowns, after enough takedowns your intimidation meter will fill and joker and Bane will retreat the mission and you will win . Bane will use his thugs to basically do play Call of Duty and by that I mean capture areas for more control and shoot joker thugs and Batman and Robin same with the Joker thugs but if you die as either one you lose a reinforcement, lose all your reinforcements and the other gang wins, you can get reinforcements back by shooting Batman or Robin.


Most people hate this game and think it should be called “Glitchy Laggy Origins”. Because every version other than the Wii U and PC version is very glitchy and laggy. But don’t worry Xbox and Playstation fans (because we know you will) patches are coming soon. these will make it so you don’t have the game crash on you or be to laggy for you to even fight (lag is when the game slows down because it can’t handle the what’s going on.)


The least important part of this game is the challenge maps, in these you will be tested in two of the three main parts of this game, Stealth and Combat but these tests aren’t really hard, your just replaying certain parts where you used these abilities to your advantage. In these there are three medal ,you can earn them by doing certain objectives like in combat you get a certain amount of score to earn the first second and third medal. But in Stealth now you have to use certain takedowns and with the right upgrades to your gadgets if you want those medals. These can be entertaining for about three maps then you will get bored.


Now to get back to the boss fights, these were the worst part mostly because of three things they weren’t original, they didn’t have they were too long or had no variety and felt like just a drag Deathstroke had all three of these he was uninteresting because he was really just fighting yourself, he was boring because it was long, and it was a bad boss fight because it had no variety and an easy pattern to abuse. if you want to beat him quickly, just keep punching and occasionally  use the quick fire batclaw and counter at the right times. Speaking of Deathstroke if you buy DLC or preorder the game you can play as Deathstroke and get two free challenge maps, 1 to 100 and easy money but its not really important because his maps have no story, he can’t glide and is just a Robin combined with Batman from Arkham City.



Another thing is how the game only makes you fight six of the eight assassins in the main story mode of this game. Deadshot and Lady Shiva are only available by side missions (missions that are not part of the main game) but on the bright side these side missions are available during the main story by a certain point and you don’t have to go exploring to see them appear. Other side missions are stopping anarky from blowing up three locations with bombs, Destroying Penguins drug containers, and destroying Black Masks drug containers, and lastly solving murders and regular crimes to make use of detective mode which is used to study crime scenes and show off Batman’s detective skills. These are great things to put in the game because it shows off how smart batman really is.

The DLC in this game so far is very few and far fetched theres DLC for Deathstroke, lots of various skins and even DLC for a season pass which will give all DLC as it comes out, including the DLC where you play as Batman training to become the Dark Knight he is.


The voices in this game are completely different in an attempt to make the characters sound younger as this game takes ten years before the other two games. In this game the voice for Batman is Roger Craig Smith (who also voices Sonic the Hedgehog, Ezio Auditore From assassin’s creed , and Thomas from regular show)he does a good Batman but it sounds like he’s trying to imitate Christian Bale combined with Kevin Conroy.  The voice for the joker is Troy Baker who is very familiar to the Batman franchise he does a great joker impression (not as good as Mark Hamill though) He has also voiced Batman, Two-face, Brainiac, and Hawkman from Lego Batman 2 and  Robin and Two-Face from Arkham City.


The soundtrack in this game is very epic, and is a good change of pace from the ominous feel from Arkham City which has a very good soundtrack but this one is a little bit more exciting and gets you pumped up for whats to come next.


The eight assassins have no real part in the story most of them just appear for a boss fight and leave, this is very disappointing especially when they were featured in almost every trailer and were built up to be the best part of the game when they only appear once or twice in the game. All except Bane who almost the main villain (who is the main villain? Play the game two find out.) Bane is very very important to the games story so much its almost like the first comic Bane appeared in called “Batman Knightfall” where Bane broke Batman’s back. (If he does this in this game you have to buy it to find out.)


The final verdict of this game is it’s very enjoyable for the hardcore gamer but still very good and enjoyable for the casual gamer because of its exploration of an open world, and its very well thought out story but still with very many plot holes and a very lame and predictable plot twist in the middle of the game. This game is a 3.5 out of 5, if you wanna play a good game get the PC or Wii U versions or if you don’t have those just wait for the patches of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

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