Tech Review: I Phone 5C

IPhone 5C

By: Kenadi K, staff writer


            As you know the I Phone 5 has been discontinued and in place of that they are adding a little more color. Apple has come out with the I Phone 5 C and the slogan is “For the colorful.” The I Phone 5 C was first released on September 20, 2013. For you people out there with the I Phone 4 S – did you upgrade to the ios 7 and are thinking about getting the I Phone 5 C?  Well, get used to the ios 7, because that is the operating system.

The I Phone 5 C is the perfect phone for those people that love color. There are different colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green and white. They are all very bright neon colors. The recent price for the I Phone 5 C is very reasonable, at $45-$99, depending on where you get your phone plan. The largest amount of storage is 32 GB. The camera has been upgraded and takes excellent pictures, so you’ll want plenty of memory for all your pictures, music, and apps.

Want to know how big and what the I Phone 5 C weighs? The height is 4.90 inches and the width is 2.33 inches the depth is 0.35 inches. Get ready for the weight it is going to blow you away… 4.65 ounces!! Wow, amazing, right? Now you might thinking that is the perfect phone for me, but you don’t know what it will do if you drop it…

If you drop it the phone will break fairly easy. Not only will it break easy if you drop it on its screen, the screen will crack. So if you still want the phone just be very careful. Have fun with your new I Phone 5 C.

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