Tired of Thanksgiving

Tired of Thanksgiving

downloadBy: Jenny Tran, Staff Writer

       My least favorite holiday of the year.Turkeys, mashed potatoes, family gathering. I’m so over the same old stuff every year. We wake up, we eat, and then sleep. So fun. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Olivia Brown, and I’m so tired of Thanksgiving.


I’ve never liked many holidays, especially Thanksgiving. All we do is the same thing, year after year. I’m just so tired of it. Maybe if we did something different, but with my mom, that’s going to be complicated. My mom, she’s an accountant. She tries saving as much money as possible, so all of our things were simple and we had very little things.My brother goes out to get food, and then hops back onto his computer playing video games like we aren’t even there. My dad left us years ago because he met more new, exciting people. People who were different. Like I said, I never liked Thanksgiving, until one year…


We had a five day weekend for school. Go to school on Monday and Tuesday, and then Thanksgiving. I barely had any friends at school.Actually, I didn’t have any friends. Until one day, a new girl comes in.She wore a bright red skirt along with a white, lace top. She also had a pink ribbon in her hair and was wearing a bright blue scarf. Her name was Kassy Lee. She walked into my classroom, and the teacher assigned her next to me. “Great, I have to work with someone now,” I thought as she sat down. “Olivia, why don’t you go outside and talk to Kassy for awhile?” the teacher said with a smile on her face. I stood up and walked to the door waiting for Kassy. Kassy stood up and skipped over to me. “Hi! My name is Kassy!” Kassy said with much happiness. All I said was, “You look colorful.” She gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. “Are you excited for Thanksgiving? It’s my absolute favorite holiday!” I gave her a chuckle and sarcastically said, “Of course I am. I just love Thanksgiving.” Kassy had a curious look. “Why don’t you like Thanksgiving? Do you like any other holidays?Halloween? Easter? Christmas?” I said very quickly, “Hm, nope.I do the same thing every year and I hate it. All I ate for the past few years were TV dinners.” Kassy had a confused look on her face. “How about this? I’ll ask my parents if your family would be able to come over for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. What do you say?” I actually thought about it and said okay.


Kassy’s parents said yes. We eventually became friends, and then she told me about her family. She only had an older brother and her parents. Her brother was just like mine, on the computer 24/7. But honestly, I still didn’t like Thanksgiving. Kassy always wondered why. Out of the blue during lunch, she says, “You want to know why I love Thanksgiving so much? It’s one day of the year when I can be thankful for everything that I have. There are people with no homes, clothes, or food. That’s why I like Thanksgiving.” And then the teacher called her over, and she got up and left.


It was our first day off on our five day weekend. That night, I layed in bed and thought about what Kassy said. I thought about how fortunate I was to have all of these little things. Thanksgiving turned out great. Kassy’s brother and my brother became really good friends. And apparently, my mom loves to bake and so does Kassy’s mom! They made cookies, cake, pie, you name it. From then on, I had a positive attitude and helped anyone who needed it.

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