Halloween Carnival

Halloween Carnival

By: Bryan Lakin, Staff Writer


Did you enjoy the Halloween Carnival? Well, it sure was better than last year. Magruder students had a blast at the Halloween Carnival with fun activities like games, the photo-booth, hair-coloring, the costume contest and the haunted classroom.

Students say their favorite thing is dressing up on Halloween where you can be anybody you want. So lots of people look forward to our Costume Contest! The costume categories are based on cute, scary, unique, group, and funniest. That is just the beginning.2 masks

There were fun games and there was a game called pumpkin bowling. It’s a game where you try to knock down cups with a mini pumpkin. You must knock down at least four cups in order to get a prize. There was also a game called Cookie Walk,, where you walk on to numbers while the music was running. When the music stops, you go to an empty number, and the coordinators choose a number from one through eight. If your number was called, then you win a pumpkin cookie as your prize. The easiest game was called Pumpkin Toss, when you toss a ball into a pumpkin ,and if goes in the pumpkin you win a prize. There was also a game called Pumpkin Relay Race where you try to control a candy corn on a spoon and you try to not make it fall. You obviously win candy in every game. The last game was called Candy Corn Count where you guess on how many candy corns are in the jar. If you win, you get all the candy corn in the jar. There was also a dance on the volleyball court that was fantastic.spideycandy corn

Let us now review the winners of the Costume Contest. The winner of group winners of the 60’s were Jessica and Natalie S., and Christian N.. The winner of the funniest was Greg G. who dressed up as a Gingerbread Man. The winner of unique was Eric D. who dressed as Julius Caesar. The winner of cutest was Logan H. who dressed up as a monkey. The winner of scariest was Zoen S. who dressed up as a person with compound fractures. And last but not least, the person who won the candy corn hunt was Mr. Burgner, but the kid that won was Luis R.. It sure was an outstanding day.3 50's


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