Grades of Green Recycling Project

Grades of Green

Grades of Green students help Ms. Borowski.

Grades of Green students help Ms. Borowski.

By: Kenadi K., Editor-in-Chief


Grades of Green is a recycling program that started as an implemented program at Grand View Elementary. At first the program was run by just the parents. Now 140,860 students have joined and are saving the environment one step at a time.  Now Grades of Green is at Magruder! I went and talked to three people who are a big part of it here at Magruder. The people that I talked to were Mrs. Fisher in the library, Ms. Borowski 7th grade Social Studies teacher, and Jessica N. 7th grader. I asked them all the same questions so lets see what they had to say…


Q1: What is Grades of Green?

Mrs.Fisher: “It is actually a competition to promote recycling [and] protection of the environment”

Jessica: “Grades of Green is a nonprofit organization that is doing the trash-free lunch challenge. The goal is to reduce the trash bags your school produces.”

Ms.Borowski: “A program to encourage schools to reduce the amount of trash they produce.”

Q2: How does it help the environment?

Mrs. Fisher: “Everyday the trash that Los Angeles collects can fill Dodger Stadium”

Jessica: “It helps reduce the trash bags that go into landfills.”

Ms.Borowski: “Less trash in landfills.”

Q3: Is it a club and if so how many students have joined it?

Mrs. Fisher: “It is not a club but the entire school will be involved and after winter break their will be an assembly”

Jessica: “Their isn’t a club yet, but it will branch off of Garden Guru”

Ms.Borowski: “It’s a program and we are going to use the Garden Guru club to start and hopefully we will recruit more kids.”

Q4: Who brought Grades of Green to Magruder?

Mrs. Fisher: “Other schools have done this”

Jessica: “There’s a committee of teachers at Magruder that were finding ways that we can reduce the trash we make. ”

Ms.Borowski: “Mr.Sheck and I saw an article about [it] in Daily Breeze signing up for the contest and we both thought it was a great idea”

Q5: What is trashless Tuesdays?

Mrs. Fisher “The goal is to eliminate all trash going to the landfill ”

Jessica: “Trashless Tuesday is a challenge at our school where you try to bring as little trash as possible. You can bring things like reusable containers, reusable bags, reusable water bottles, anything you don’t throw away.”

Ms.Borowski: “We encourage kids to pack their lunch with out items that can be thrown away. We encourage them to use reusable containers and bags ”

Q6: How long has grades of green been at Magruder?

Mrs.Fisher “This is our first year”

Jessica: “Grades of Green has been at Magruder since about late September, early October”

Ms.Borowski: “We got trained in it in the Fall and will implement it in January 2014.”

Q7: When do you meet to talk about the next thing you are going to do and where do you meet?

Mrs.Fisher “We don’t [meet] but we’ve already started”

Jessica: “We aren’t talking to the Grades of Green people until March, when we are being judged. The meeting for the school green team is undecided when, though”

Ms.Borowski: “I am going to give an inservice to the staff on the program and how we will start it up on January 8, 2014.”

There will be a Grades of Green Recycling Assembly in January, after winter break, explaining the whole program to the student body.

Feeding the worms for the composting bins.

Feeding the worms for the composting bins.


Magruder's Grades of Green  team visits L.A. County landfill.  This pile of trash is what we aim to reduce!

Magruder’s Grades of Green team visits L.A. County landfill. This pile of trash is what we aim to reduce!

So now that you know all about the Grades of Green program here at Magruder maybe you will help out the school and bring zero trash for the rest of the school year. If you help out our school, the school will win a big prize. The school that wins and has no trash at their school will win $1,000., second place will win $750., and third will win $500. So please help our school get to the finals. If we win, this school will be even better than it is now. So go home and ask your parents or whoever makes your lunch to please use reusable containers and a lunch box you can use the whole year and let’s win that grand prize of $1,000. to help out our school. Go, Go, GO!

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