McTeacher Night

McTeacher Night

DSCN9806By Bryan L., staff writer

Hamburgers, fries, and teachers, how can you get better than that! On December 3rd, was the once in your lifetime chance to go to McTeacher Night. You got to see teachers flip burgers and fries, and you also got to see PTSA members take your orders. There were even kids outside selling cookies, and you won’t believe your how many cookies we sold. We sold a total of 157 packets of cookies!


The teachers volunteered to do it, and it looked like they sure enjoyed it. There were many teachers like Ms.Nunes, Ms.Borowski, and Mr.Sheck. There were even PTSA members like Ms.Spellman and Ms.Allen.  with Ms.Spellman doing the fries. She also said that she enjoyed it. Ms.Nunes and Ms.Allen took your orders and gave you your your food. Mr.Sheck was walking around. There were a couple of adults from Yukon working there too. Not all teachers stayed for the whole McTeacher Night I suppose.


The McTeacher Night sure was exciting.  Colby, a sixth grader, said ,”The food tasted great.” Marcus, a sixth grader, said,” It was fantastic.” Ms.Borowski said that she tried to put in a lot of fries, but the workers said not to. You sure missed the fun if you didn’t go. It was all for a good cause – the money raised goes to the Magruder PTSA to pay for programs and field trips for all students.


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