Sixth Grade Toy Faire

Toy Faire

By: Khanh P. & Megan K., staff writers



Have you ever wanted to invent something? How about a toy? This is your chance to make your very own toy! Your toy will be presented to everyone and people will admire your toy!


The sixth graders held their annual Toy Faire on Tuesday, Dec.10th.  It was the best time we ever had at school! There were cookies, candy canes, brownies, and cupcakes! There were also some scary toys, funny toys, cool toys, and fun toys that people can’t stop playing with! If you were there you would know how amazing the Toy Faire was! But to those that did not come, then sadly, you did not witness how fun and amazing it was, and it can’t be exactly explained in words for you to picture in your mind, it was that great!


Mrs. Jaeger had students show off their business cards, brochures, flyer, letters to Santa, along with the toy display, so it felt like a trade show.

During the Toy Faire, Mrs. Jaeger and Mrs. Yung were pulling names from their bucket.  They had the students put their business cards in the bucket so they can draw it.  Some of the winners were: Amanda T.,  Memorie M., Brianna C., Anthony C., Adrian V., and Andy P.


There were some spectacular toys that seemed to be even better than the toys that are some of the best selling toys in stores! There were some games that are really awesome, some basketball hoops, ball mazes, teddy bears, bobble-heads, some other normal toys you see in stores, and some new creative toys.


During the Toy Fair, there were some quotes we caught, and these are some of them: “ It was a lot of fun”- Jessica S. had said to everyone. “The food was the best!”- Jenny T. exclaimed. “ The food was amazing!”- Sarah B. had agreed with Jenny T.


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