Interview of Mr. Lee

 Our New Teacher Mr. Lee

By: Jessica S. & Amanda A., staff writers

DSCN9899-300x253As some of you may know, we are very delighted to have a new and fun teacher, Mr. Lee on campus, who teaches seventh and eighth grade Math and Pre-Algebra 1. Something you may not know about him is his background and hobbies.


As a child, Mr. Lee grew up in Orange County, attended Bernardo Yorba Middle School, and then later went to Esperanza High School. During this period of time, he often changed schools. When he was growing up he wanted to be really rich when he got older. He went to USC and majored in Economics.


Mr. Lee was born in Korea 1981. He does not have any pets, and is an only child. His hobbies are to play basketball, golf, and listen to music. In his free time he claims he loves to sleep. He actually goes to college right now in his spare time. He attends Cal State Fullerton, and is getting a Masters Degree in Education. It is his first year at this college. He claims that it is extremely hard to go to school and teach at the same time. His favorite part of teaching is watching students learn something they didn’t think they could do. That is also the reason he wanted to be a teacher. So let’s all welcome our new wonderful, and great teacher, Mr. Lee.

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