Catching Fire Movie Review


Catching Fire Movie Review

catching fire picBy: Sarah B. and Jenny T., Staff Writers

          The new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, came out recently. Just like the first movie, everyone is talking about it. Is it good or bad?


Let’s start with the characters. This movie has a lot of characters, but the main ones are,of course Katniss and Peeta. Playing Katniss is Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson is playing Peeta. The other main characters that are not in the hunger games are Haymitch,Effie, Primrose, Katniss’ mom, and Gale. The tributes are Cashmere and Gloss District 1,Enobaria and Brutus from District 2, Beetee and Wiress from District 3,Mags and Finnick from District 4,and Johanna Mason and Blight from District 7. Those are all of the main tributes.


The movie and book of Catching Fire are both different and similar. They are different because the book has extra parts that are not in the movie, which is good because if you read it you will get more information before you watch the movie.  The movie told you a little bit more about the tributes than the book does. They are similar because it is the same arena and concept.   Basically, the movie and book have their differences, but they also have their similarities.


The plot of this movie goes along with the book. It’s the annual 75th Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a fight to the death, and there are 24 people fighting, a boy and girl from each district. But this year isn’t child’s play. This year all tributes are victors from previous years. President Snow wants Katniss dead, because Katniss was a beacon of hope for other districts which could begin an uprising.President Snow needed to kill her off the right way. The other victors were also a sign of the uprising, so for the Quarter Quell, the victors had to compete in the Hunger Games again. Will President Snow go through with his plan fail? We’ll let you find out.


To get to the point, is the movie bad or good? The movie was definitely a lot easier to understand than the book was. In our opinion the movie was really good, because the actors did really well and it had a good storyline that went along with the book most of the time. The bad thing was that the movie wasn’t as appropriate as the first movie. Another bad thing is that it ended on a small cliff hanger. On a scale of 1-10, we both give it an 8 ½ and we definitely recommend that you watch this movie.


This was our opinion, what’s yours? Is Catching Fire bad or good? What do you think?



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