Under the Christmas Tree

Under the Christmas Tree

Christmas-Tree-Outdoor-DecorationBy Marcus M., Staff Writer

Once upon a time, there was a home on Paradise Lane, thunder was roaring, and nobody was stirring except for a little boy setting up a Christmas tree, and his name was Noah. He was alone in the dark stormy night until… his mom appeared out of the shadows.


His mom said, “Are you done setting up the Christmas tree yet, it’s almost 11:00. You’re going to have to go to bed some time.”


Noah replied, “OK Mom I’ll be done in like 5 minutes.” And soon he fell fast asleep.


The next day he woke up on the couch, he was wondering why he woke up there, until something caught his eye outside. There was a big Christmas tree in the middle of the street, with snow on all sides of the pines. It was decorated with huge beautiful Christmas ornaments, and topped off with a gigantic diamond-like encrusted star.


His Mom suddenly appeared from the kitchen “Do you want some breakfast honey?”


Noah sighed, “I guess, but first can I ask you a question?”


“Yes, anything honey,” his Mom said.


“What’s with the big Christmas tree out in the middle of the street?” Noah replied.


“What Christmas Tree?” she questioned.


Noah pointed outside the window towards the enormous tree in the middle of Paradise Lane.


His Mom gasped, “Who put that out there? Was it the city, or state, or even Santa Claus?”

“I don’t know, it could have been anybody. You never know,” Noah said under his breath.


His Mom said softly, “Don’t you have a night vision camera? Maybe you can set up a spy cam outside to view the tree at night?”


“Yah, Huh, I do. Great idea Mom, I’ll go set up right now,” Noah replied.


5 Hours Later

“I’m ready to spy on this mysterious tree,” Noah said to himself.

Noah turned on the viewer so he can see what was happening. It was quiet until he saw a big guy wearing a red suit made out of rich cloth, and he had a long white stream-y beard. He also had a sack that looked very heavy.


The big guy with the red suit began to speak,”Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas.”


“Is that… Santa!” Noah cried.


All of the sudden Santa started putting his heavy sack of toys on the floor, then he pulled out so many toys wrapped with beautiful paper and topped off with pretty bows.


“Sir, we are going to have to go before the kids see us.” An Elf said.


“Well, I can’t stop looking at this marvelous tree!” Santa said, awestruck.


“Sir, you’re probably saying that since you did put that up.” replied the Elf


“Oh yeah, right, I did,” said Santa Claus.


“Let’s go sir,” said the Elf.


“OK. Let’s get back on the sleigh.” Santa replied.


Meanwhile, in the house, Noah was tucked into bed with his stuffed mustang, sleeping like a baby.


The next day he woke up he looked out the window he noticed there were presents under the big tree. So he told his Mom he’ll be outside for a little bit, and she said OK. Noah was discovering Santa left the presents, because of the footage he saw he began to wonder why he left them. Then he saw a note on the tree.  It read: “To all the Homeless Kids, have a Wonderful Christmas!” Noah thought to himself what a great deed this great man did, so what Noah started passing out the gifts to kids on the streets and donated the rest of the presents to charity.

The End

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