6th Grade Toy Fair

Toy Fair Gets a Ten

By: Spencer Hu and Aymen Kabir, staff writers


Toys, toys and more toys!  So many great toy models to be seen…maybe Mattel or Disney should see some of these ideas.  The 6th grade annual Toy Fair was held Wednesday, December 15th, in Magruder’s cafeteria.   Holiday music played, parents brought lots of sweets, and there was plenty of excitement as students shared their creative and fun ideas.

 The 6th grade Language Arts classes prepared diligently for this night, creating a model of a toy and four business documents to present their wonderful toy company and their model. There were many board games, dolls and stuffed animals, and different kinds of models of cars and robots. There were catapults, slingshots, galactic goo, airplanes, and many other interesting things.  The cafeteria was packed full of people, with many family members there.

 Students put their business cards in a large plastic jar to enter a raffle for gift cards and front of the line passes. Some of the winners were Irene Morales, Alyse Pelayo, Esteban Alvarado, Tatiyana Allen, and Melissa Smith.   Seven-Eleven gift cards were given out, and then McDonalds’ gift cards, and finally front of the line passes were raffled.

 This year’s toy fair was one of the best attended in years. Many thanks to all the 6th Grade English Language Arts teachers: Mrs. Jaeger, Mrs. Yung, Mrs. Takano and Mrs. Peterson, and all the students and parents who attended the fun.

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