I Phone 5s a “Must Buy”

I Phone 5s Review

I Phone 5 SBy: Marcus M. and Ryan G., staff writers


With Apple trying to get even MORE money for their I Phone franchise they made the successors to the I Phone 5, the I Phone 5c and I Phone 5s. Right before that also they added an update called I.O.S  7 which almost completely changed the aesthetics of the phones.


The Iphone 5s’ build quality, a staggeringly fast processor, and a great operating system, what’s not to like. It’s price tag is $199.99. Some people can’t tell apart the Iphone 5 to the Iphone 5, but Apple added a fingerprint reader so it gives you the privacy of your own phone, and no parents can go snooping around in your texts. but all in all it keeps the established Steve Jobs formula to the T.

The flaws the Iphone 5s are it might be too much of the same thing so if you’re looking for a different experience, this may not be the thing for you. Another flaw is that Iphone users fingerprints can be copied, so there goes your privacy. Also the Iphone 5s’ motion sensors are totally messed up, so it can be frustrating.


The IPhone 5s has hidden features that you may not find on your own. One of them is taking slow motion videos, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of slow-mo videos on the internet, how you access slow-mo video is by selecting slow-mo in the options when taking a video. Another hidden feature is you can shoot TEN photos per second with burst mode. To do this, just hold down the shutter on the screen and it will keep taking photos until you take your finger off the button. If you hate taking videos and the subject is too dark to see, now Apple has given you an option to brighten up the video while using flash. To select flash scroll over to it, as you would photo or video. You can also zoom while taking video. The new update will let you zoom in up to 3x, while taking a video. The app store has also been updated. Now once you mastered the Touch ID you can use it to make app purchases.


The Iphone 5s is the best phone on the market, with all the amazing features makes this phone a must buy.


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