Tech Review: Xbox One

Xbox One Review

xbox1By: Colby H. & Marcus M.


Have you been wanting to get the Xbox One? The Xbox One is the third version of the Xbox console family. This review will tell you about all the awesome features of the new Xbox.


There are some new cool features of the Xbox One. One of the awesome features is that everybody can have their own personalized home screen, For instant access to all your favorite digital entertainment. You can also do two things at once! Be together even when you are apart with Skype specially designed for the Xbox One. Your favorite apps are getting upgraded to more newer versions. Next there’s also a new way to explore the web. Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox One Smart Glass.This special glass allows you to control your xbox from your tablet or mobile device.



One of the major flaws is that you’re mostly always online. Also the Xbox One is not backwards compatible, which means you can’t play your old Xbox 360 games on this console. Also, the “Region Locker” mechanism. It’s a way to where you can only play with the people around you.


The Xbox One’s price tag is $500.00 just by  itself! We think the Xbox One is worth it. With all the new features Microsoft is delivering to us, you just can’t pass it up.








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