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gravityBy: Jake H., staff writer

Gravity is possibly one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, let alone 2013. I mean, people are comparing the director, Alfonso Cuarón, to Spielberg, that hasn’t happened (not that I know of) since Shyamalan, lets hope Alfonso keeps it that way, and not adapt a beloved Tv show, only to let us down because of how bland and lifeless the movie is, but I digress. The plot is as follows.

gravity2Sandra Bullock plays a medical engineer on a routine servicing mission to the Hubble Telescope, George Clooney co-stars as a loveable eccentric astronaut, I mean he’s not like some astronauts I’ve seen depicted, they would probably say, “Houston, we have a problem.” Ya’know that cliche garbage, but instead he would probably say, “Houston, I need a ham sandwich and some bourbon, asap.” Kinda like that. There’s also another supporting character, who’s probably the guy you’ll relate to the most, because he’s the guy who has way too much fun in zero-gravity, like anyone else would. While repairing they are informed of a Russian missile strike against one of their own outdated Russian satellites, causing a chain reaction wiping out every satellite the debris fly through, and it flew through enough satellites to remake the opening scene from Wall-E. George Clooney tries to help Sandra Bullock out of her crane-arm-thing, but he cheeses it when the shuttle starts tumbling. So Sandra’s giant extendy-arm-crane-thing gets cut right off the shuttle from some debris, so she realizes that she needs to detach and ejects her seat-belt. You all saw it in the trailer, she’s plummeting through space at the speed of light, and she can’t tell the sun from the Earth, but in the trailer I thought it launched her to the other side of the freaking Galaxy, but in reality, she had her eyes closed! Ugh, well I wouldn’t like to spoil anything major, so I why don’t you just go see the movie right now, I’m sure by the time I’m reading this it’s still in theaters.


The movie features visuals that rendered me speachless, if you weren’t awe-stricken while watching this, you’re either near-sighted, or you’re just not all there. It’s some of the best VFX I’ve seen in a space-themed movie since Sunshine, and the way Sandra interacts with the various shuttles, gravity4and floats through them, is a puzzler for a guy who dissects movies like me, I mean looook at this, it’s insane! Not to mention the score, it’s intense, and it more than enough makes up for the lack of sounds when a ship/station is crippled by debris, I really hope I hear more from this composer. And if you’re wondering why there are no sound effects, well it’s space, it’s a vacuum, you can’t hear in a vacuum.

I didn’t feel as much attachment as I think I should’ve with Sandra, I mean don’t get me wrong, she does a great job, and she has a pretty touching backstory about her and her family, I just wasn’t feeling for her. I do feel however, this movie is gonna win an Academy Award, I just know it, and if it doesn’t, then those people are a bunch of troglodytes, because this movie has best special effects in spades. This movie felt underwhelming in some aspects though, as I said, the trailers were misleading…a little. But the problem was so minor, it doesn’t hinder the movie in the slightest, this movie is definitely worth checking out, and it’s surprisingly short in fact, because it felt like an eternity in the theater, still, it doesn’t spoil the amazing feeling when watching this movie. Over and out.

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