Pumpkin Patch part 1:Talking Pumpkin and 2: Christmas Eve

Pumpkin Patch: part 1, Tales of the Talking Pumpkin

pumpkin part1           By: Ryan G, staff writer

On Halloween night, a young boy named Bruce and his friend Clark were off trick-or-treating. Bruce was dressed up as Batman and Clark was Superman.  While they were walking they saw a pumpkin on the floor, but thought nothing of it. Two blocks later they saw the same pumpkin but now it was saying “I’m Batman” over and over again.

“That’s funny” said Bruce.

Clark said, “Batman’s overrated.”

“Whatever,” said Bruce.

After a few blocks they saw another pumpkin but this time Bruce kicked it. “I’m tired of pumpkins.”

“Me too,” replied Clark, but then the pumpkin started to grow and after that it spoke. “I’m tired of you kids always laughing and being all smug.”

“We did nothing!” said Bruce.

“That’s enough! I, “Badad” the descendant of the “seed” clan will put you in you pla-”

And then coming out of the inside of Badad was Clark, who had snuck behind him while in the middle of his monologue. He had eaten through Badad, the Giant Pumpkin. “I feel sick,” he said, “but wait until the kids at school hear about this!”


The Pumpkin Patch: part 2 “Christmas Eve”

christmas decorations outdoor, christmas By Ryan G., staff writer

It was now Christmas Eve, two whole weeks after Clark had lost his mother to the evil pumpkin Badad, who had kidnapped her in retaliation for eating through his stomach on Halloween of the same year. Though Clark had only been protecting himself, he had paid for his actions greatly.


“This stinks.” Clark said to his dad

“ You have to get over it.” His dad said softly.

“ The police aren’t trying hard enough!” Clark yelled

“ Don’t say that.” His dad replied.

“ I’m going to Bruce’s house !” Clark  yelled  louder.

“Not on Christmas Eve, this is a family day, your brother Connor is coming from college to get here!” His dad screamed.

But  it was too late, Clark had got his mittens and had ran to Bruce’s house without looking back to see the sadness on his fathers face.


Bruce was at his house playing video games waiting for his mom to come back home, but he was worried about  Clark who had lost his mother a few weeks ago. Bruce would’ve gone over so they can play some video games, but his brother Tim was coming over for the holidays, and he wanted see him for the first time in about 7 years, Bruce was about 12 now but his brother was 24.

“ Man, if Tim comes over I am totally getting back at him for pranking me before he left,” he said.

“That prank war was awesome, I remember almost getting grounded for dropping a water balloon on him while we were having dinner,” he kept saying.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door.  Bruce was curious of who it could be because his mom was out buying ingredients for Christmas dinner and it was too early for Tim to be here so when he opened the door he was amazed to see Clark almost completely tired out standing outside in the snow.

“What are you doing!” Bruce said.

“I came here to get away from my dad.” Clark replied.

“What did he do?”Bruce said.

“He keeps telling me to get over it.” Clark said bitterly.

“No offense, but I agree with him.”Bruce said softly.

“Its time to let go,”Bruce said.

“You don’t understand!” Clark said, getting frustrated.

“Calm down,” Bruce said.

“Don’t tell me to calm down,” Clark said.

“Just come inside, it’s cold,” Bruce said, trying to get off the subject.

“O.k., it’s cold out here anyway.”Clark said, calming down.

While warming up certain thoughts went through Bruce’s, like mind is he doing the right thing by openly expressing his opinion.

“I think you should apologize to your dad.” Bruce said.

“Fine, I’ll go back.” Clark replied.

“Merry Christmas.” Bruce said cheerily.

“You too.” Clark replied happily.

2 years later

It was a in the middle of December now and Clark and Bruce were on winter break playing in the snow, but Clark didn’t seem to be having much fun.

“Dude, it was two years ago, you have to get over it.” Bruce said.

“I wanna see you get over your mother being getting kidnapped” Clark replied softly.

“Fine, if it means so much to you we can go get something to eat and then look for your mom,” Bruce sighed.

“Yes, thank you,” Clark replied.

Though Bruce had no intentions of ever finding her because, he knew it was too late he wanted to humor Clark because he suspected he was going through the grief and he wanted help him the most he could.

“Where do you wanna start?” Bruce asked.

“The old abandoned warehouse that’s where most people hold hostages in the movies” Clark replied.scary house

“Good” said a mysterious voice from the shadows.

“Who said that!” Clark said

“Dang it!” The voice shouted.

“It works in the Movies!” the voice said  bitterly.

Then out of the shadows a circular figure rolled into their sight but just as quickly vanished into the old abandoned warehouse.evil pumpkin

“Did you see what I just saw?” Bruce said

“If I did, then are we both insane, or did we really just see Badad roll by?” Clark replied.

“Lets prove we’re not insane and go to the totally not dangerous abandoned warehouse without any adult supervision.” Bruce said.

“Yeah, let’s not,” they said simultaneously.

So then right after that they called the cops, with the cover story  of they heard a woman screaming in the warehouse. But about twenty minutes later the cops came out and said…

“Don’t call 911 ever again unless it’s a real emergency!” one cop said.

“You just wasted valuable time.”said another cop.

“Hey have you seen Tom?” another cop said, while exiting the warehouse.

“He probably realized this was a scam and left before us,”  the first cop said.

So then Clark and Bruce walked home shamefully and feeling bad about themselves, Clark more than Bruce because he thought he would be able to find her there, if she was alive, then he thought about how its been so long that maybe she wasn’t around, maybe he was just denying the truth,maybe it was time for him to just give up, after all he was holding on to this for two almost three years. It all was going his head so fast.

“Let’s go home,”Clark said softly.

“Why, don’t you think we should keep looking?” Bruce questioned.

“It’s pointless now.” Clark said, with his head down.

“If you say so.” Bruce replied.

Then they went home played some video games and never talked about the subject ever again, because they both knew one thing, it was time to give in.

“You were right.” Clark whispered.

“About what?” Bruce said, pretending to be ignorant.

“About letting go,” Clark said.

“I guess, but after everything I’ve seen, you may be right.” Bruce said.

“Yeah right.” Clark replied


                      The End…

Then a round-ish figure came out of a sewer hatch.

“Good, their gone.” it sighed.

“You’re lucky you got away.” a figure said

The round-ish feature then revealed itself to be Badad, and rolled over to the other figure which just so happened to be Clark’s mother.

“I knew he would give up,” Badad said.

“So what, he’ll come back, ” Clark’s mom replied.

“That’s what you think.” Badad said










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