Halloween Haunts at Magruder 2010

The Halloween Carnival 2010

By I. Morales, staff writer                      (See this video: halloween chacha1)

The Halloween Carnival was a huge success!!  Scary characters such as vampire witches, gorillas, Medusas, and even Snookie could be seen on Friday, the 29th of October, on  Magruder’s blacktop . It was lots of fun, and the periods were shortened so we could have time at the end of the day for the carnival.

There were many things to do. You could have gone into the frightful haunted classroom, thanks to all the hard work of Ms. Borowski and her helpers. You could have taken pictures with your friends at the Halloween photo booth in room 7 for 50 cents,  held by the service club and Mrs. Smith. You also could have gotten your hair painted by Mr. Alvarenga and Ms. Lofton for 50 cents. There was also a couple of games held by the student council, including the ever popular wet sponge toss with Mr. Magnus, Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Burgner as human targets.

While all this was going on, people were showing off their fantastic Halloween costumes. There were a lot of nerds, bees, pirates, and well, you get the picture. There was also a costume contest and the winners got a goodie bag and they are going to be in the yearbook. There were different categories in the contest like, scariest, most original, cutest and best pair or group.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day a success, such as  Mr. Rasmussen and Ms. Levy with student council, Mrs. Smith and the service club, Ms. Borowski and the haunted house actors, Mr. Voigt and Mrs. Okasaki and all the teachers who helped!!

(See this video:halloweenYMCA2)

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